Kikinaw Energy Services Ltd. is committed to the principles of sound environmental stewardship, including sustainable development, pollution prevention, environmental protection and enhancement. These principals provide primary guidance in the formulation and implementation of all operational plans. As part of our environmental due diligence, Kikinaw Energy Services Ltd. makes it a requirement of every operation, activity and staff to comply with the spirit and intent of all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and guidelines.

Management provides and maintains a strong and healthy commitment towards the environment by supplying effective procedures, training, supplies and equipment necessary to minimize incidents and implement corrective measures when required.

Managers, supervisors, employees and subcontractors share responsibility and are accountable for Kikinaw Energy Services Ltd. environmental performance. Cooperation among the entire project group is necessary to promote due diligence with respect to environmental protections.

Kikinaw Energy Services Ltd. policy requires all employees and activities to:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations;
  • Minimize environmental impact; and
  • Report all incidents

*The environmental information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable government legislation which all employees should be familiar.