Kikinaw Energy Services Ltd. is committed to the principle of providing our clients with a superior level of quality while utilizing the most current practices, innovation and technology available. This highly regarded value, provides a mandate for all employees and subcontractors in the development, implementation, and compliance of all operational plans. We expect as a minimum expectation that all employees adhere to, and comply with the Quality Management System, as well as actively participate in its continual improvement.

All work performed by Kikinaw will be conducted in a quality manner using the following:

  • Quality manual and associated inspection and verification sheets
  • Inspection Test Plans which are approved in advance by the client
  • Training and Qualification of Employees
  • Use of certified and verified equipment and measurement tools
  • Use of pre-approved work procedures and standards
  • Verification of material specifications used in construction activities
  • Inspection and Audits of work site quality by senior managers and where required, 3rd party inspectors, with follow up and documented corrective action for all variances
  • Adherence to designs and standards as provided by professional engineers
  • Investigation of quality incidents with root cause analysis and implementation of effective and sustainable corrective actions in a timely manner, which are tracked in a maintained corrective action log