Kikinaw delivers world class safety while on any job site. We endeavor to take a leadership role in safety by ensuring compliance with both customer and Kikinaw policies and procedures. Kikinaw is committed to a weekly reporting regime that includes proactive measures executed on each site. Trends are identified, responded to and when necessary, intervention and training is implemented to mitigate incidents or accidents from occurring. This proactive approach provides a key component in day-to-day crew management and ensures internal stakeholders remain engaged.

On all construction related projects, Kikinaw implements a strict Safe Work Plan (SWP) accompanied by task based Job Safety Analysis (JSA).  SWP’s identify hazards and control regulations required to execute the scope and work process. Crews are expected to review and adhere to the SWP throughout the duration of the work. The Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) process will be accessible and completed by all crews.

Kikinaw Energy Services practices “Goal Zero” for all of our health and safety policies, procedures and regulations. In addition to policies and procedures, we abide by our 12 Life Saving Rules which are present on our FLHA cards and discussed at monthly safety meetings; we believe that if we never break a Life Saving Rule, we will significantly reduce our chances of a major incident. Kikinaw strives for an “interdependent” safety culture and encourages peer-to-peer mentorship, which is documented through the use of behavior based observation (BBO) and hazard identification (HID) tools.

SafetySync® is an online portal which gives employees 24/7 remote access to training, communication, safety documentation, policies and ticket organization.  Work tickets/certifications, compliance reports and employee training matrix reports can be pulled for any customers within seconds remotely.  All employees are required to complete carefully selected safety courses based on their position with company and maintain 100% compliance. This tool along with monthly call-in/sit-in safety meetings, allows Kikinaw to communicate effectively with employees working across Canada.

Kikinaw maintains memberships in good standing with Avetta, ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and holds a Certificate of Recognition for Large Employers from Enform.